Are You Mentally Ready For Your Weight Loss Journey?

Starting a weight loss program, whether its going to the gym or sticking to a diet starts with your mentality. If your not mentally ‘Fit’ before you embark on your goals then you are likely to give up sooner. Preparing yourself before hand is crucial to your success in reaching your goals and will help you stay focused.

Many people fail because they don’t give themselves enough time to get into the zone ready for the journey ahead and you have probably been there before, I know I have, starting a training program or diet and lasting for a few weeks before falling back into your old ways.

It is also crucial to plan your exercise routine and dietary requirements ahead of time so you know exactly what you need to do. There are a ton of exercise planners online, just choose one or two to download and fill it out to keep track of your routine. While you look at it grab yourself a Meal Planner to and plan your meals! This really helps when your trying to stick to diet.

When you go to the gym plan your exercise routine for the session before you go, know which part of the body you are going to focus on and choose the exercises so you can get in do your training and get out, there is no need to be hanging around the gym all day wondering what to do next, and be sure to alternate your training don’t work on your upper and lower body in the same session alternate each area every other day, you will stay focused and on target this way.

The same goes for your meals, plan your shopping list and stick to it, get to the supermarket shop and get home and then prepare your meals if you can for the week. Get yourself some food containers for storage and keep your prepared food in the fridge so its ready whenever you need to eat, I also recommend getting a cooler bag so you can take your food to work, school or even on a day out, this will help to stop you snacking on ‘bad’ foods and stick to your Healthy Eating.

Knowing what to cook can be daunting so what food do you shop for? I use the Metabolic Cook Book by Karine Losier & Dave Ruel, it has amazing recipes which are simple to cook and prepare I highly recommend checking it out, that’s your meals sorted!

Final Thoughts – Remember that the key to staying on track is to prepare yourself mentally before you start any training or diet program give yourself a week or two to focus, write down your goals and read them over and over, really get them into your head and plan, plan ,plan! Know exactly what your next move is.

That being said if you do fall off your routine don’t beat yourself up, put it behind you and get right back on it at the next meal. Good luck on your journey to your Healthy new body and positive new life.



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