Lower Pain Left Side – Causes, Treatment, and Precaution

Lower abdominal pain on left side can cause unbearable pain. It can also signal other serious complications. Therefore, if you suffer from pain on this part of the back, you have to determine the exact cause to relieve yourself from pain. Read on and know more about the pain right side in detail.

What is it?

Pain in the lower left side of the abdomen is classified into two: acute and chronic. The type of back pain experienced also differs. It can either be as long as a dull aching pain or as sudden as a sharp burning pain. Chronic back pain lasts for more than three months and people suffering from it find it hard to do manual labor or to bend. Pain can sometimes be unbearable that it’s almost impossible to do any type of work. Acute back pain on the other hand is the sudden sharp or shooting back pain in a particular part or location at the back. Unlike chronic back pain, acute back pain doesn’t last long. Read on and find out about the causes of abdominal pain.


Pain in the lower left side has many causes; with an injury as the leading cause. Fracture, trauma, or severe injury can cause chronic pain, while an acute back pain is caused by a temporary or slight injury. Here are the other causes:


Abdominal pain that’s been experienced for more than a few days require immediate medical check-up. It is necessary to get a correct diagnosis of your condition before you settle on one treatment plan. Doctors use various techniques such as CT scan and MRI to determine the main cause of the pain. If you feel pain in the lower right side of your back for more than a week, you must see your doctor immediately. Your condition must be diagnosed correctly before you begin with any treatment. Different techniques like MRI and CT scan can be used to find out the causes of your back pain. The doctor will devise a treatment plan depending on the severity of the pain as well as its causes. Lower back exercises, physical therapy, as well as medication can greatly help in relieving your back pain.

Precautions & Prevention

To avoid pain at the lower left side of your abdomen, you have to remember to always keep an upright posture. You should avoid bending from the waist. Instead, bend from your knees, especially when lifting heavy objects. Your exercise routine should also be supervised by a trainer, physical therapist, or a doctor. Changing your improper lifestyle or bad habits is also a good idea to avoid this pain. If you are experiencing persistent pain, it is necessary to consult a health care provider as soon as possible, as you may need some weeks to get over the condition.



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