Spanish Omelet

Spanish Omelet

Potatoes and onions omelet is one of the most typical dishes of the Spanish cuisine. It is quick, cheap, easy to make and vegetarian! A perfect dish to eat on its own or accompanied by some salad or vegetables. It is also ideal for sharing with friends as a “tapa”.

Potatoes (4 medium size)
½ Medium size onion or 1 small onion
Olive Oil
Eggs (5 or 6)
A pinch of salt

Preparation Method:

Cut the potatoes and the onion into very small cubes and season them with some salt. In the meantime, pour oil (preferably olive oil) in a stainless steel and large frying pan. It is very important that the frying pan be of a high quality in order to prevent the omelet from sticking. The amount of oil to use has to be enough to cover at least half of the potatoes. When the oil is hot add the potatoes and the onion and fry them at a high temperature. Some people prefer to fry the potatoes and the onions separately but it is a good idea to fry them together as they will retain more flavor. While the potatoes and the onions are in the frying pan, beat the eggs in a fairly deep bowl using a whisk, add a bit of salt and a drop of milk to soften the potatoes. A good tip is to add a pinch of saffron to increase the flavor of all other ingredients.

the potatoes and the onions are golden brown, take them out of the frying pan and put them on a plate lined with kitchen paper napkin to absorb any excess of oil. Then, pour them into the bowl with the eggs, the milk, the salt and the saffron and let them there for two or three minutes, in this way the potatoes will absorb part of the eggs. Dump out the oil from the frying pan, leaving only enough to prevent the food from sticking to the base. Pour the contents of the bowl (potatoes, onions, salt, milk, eggs and saffron) into the frying pan and cook it at a low temperature (level 2 or 3).

Once the omelet is slightly cooked, make sure that it does not stick to the base of the frying pan using a spatula. Once the egg is almost absorbed, it is time to turn to the omelet with the help of a plate. The plate must be, at least, the same size as the frying pan. Place the plate over the frying pan and carefully turn the frying pan over the plate. Then, pour the content from the plate into the frying pan again in order to cook the other side of the omelet. Cook for another three or four minutes at a low temperature. Finally, put the omelet in a plate and try to absorb the excess of oil with the help of a kitchen paper napkin.!/?cid=1A4FE449F548E888&id=1A4FE449F548E888!152



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