Ways to use Eggs

Eggs are a great source of protein, vitamins and minerals… plus they taste good! How can you incorporate them into your diet? Below are a few simple and quick ways to enjoy more eggs.

1.  Deviled eggs. Deviled eggs are delicious. They are the first item to disappear on the holiday buffet table much to the chagrin of those at the end of the line who don’t end up with any on their plates. Deviled eggs are simple to make. Boil the eggs in shell for ten minutes. Peel and rinse. Cut in half and scoop out the yolks into a bowl. Add a bit of salt and pepper, mayo, and either spicy brown mustard or honey Dijon mustard. Mix together and re-stuff the yolk mixture into the egg whites. You can also add bacon bits, chives, or a host of other add-ins for extra texture and flavor.

2. Egg salad. Egg salad is just as satisfying in a sandwich or by its self. Again, boil the eggs, peel and rinse. Chop eggs coarsely. Add salt and mayo. Add a bit of apple cider vinegar or another kind of vinegar. Add generous amounts of dried dill. Fantastic!

3.  Plain and simple boiled eggs. If all the chopping and mixing is still too much work for you, try this. Boil. Peel. Eat. You can sprinkle with a bit of salt and/or pepper. Guess what? Still delicious!

 4.  Chop or slice a hardboiled egg on top of your green salad. It will add body to your salad and make you feel fuller. It also adds a creamy texture to your greens.

 5.  Poached Egg. You can put a soft poached egg on your green salad, rice, or bread. It really can be easy to poach an egg. Simply heat a few inches of water to almost simmering. Crack your egg into a small dish. Create a “whirlpool” in the pot of water with a spatula or spoon. Gently drop the egg from the dish into the center of the whirlpool. Let cook in the water for about four minutes and then remove the egg with a slotted spoon. There are a bunch more tips you can find about cooking poached eggs online, but this is the basics of it.

6.  Add to Ramen Noodles. Are you a college student living off pennies, with nothing but ramen noodles in your cupboards because that is all you can afford? Well fear not. Here is a way to make those noodles more filling and stretch a bit further. Boil the noodles and drain most of the water off. Add the seasoning pack and one egg. Mix well and cook in the microwave for two more minutes or on the stove top till the egg is cooked. They taste delicious and it is a great was to add protein to your meal.

7.  Smoothies. If you can get past the part where the eggs would need to be raw, (if you eat raw cookie dough you will have no problem with this!) add them to your morning smoothie. The smoothie will hide the texture of the egg, and with all of those yummy berries and that fresh juice from wheat grass and veggies, you probably won’t even know the egg is there.

 8.  Meringue. Make a Lemon Meringue Pie! The world is truly better with meringue pies in it.  Meringue is easy to make with the basic ingredients being egg whites and sugar.  You can save the yolks for future use in scrambled eggs or another dish you find here.

9.  Quiche. Quiche is a very “in” food item. They are simple to make and you can find endless recipes and variations. Basically: get a pie crust, whip together a bunch of eggs, milk, cheese, (you can add sour cream to the mix or dollop it on top when ready to serve), add vegetables of all kinds, meat of any and all kind. Bake till firm. This is also a great clean out your refrigerator dish. I remember my Mother adding all sorts of left over veggies, potatoes, tomatoes, and even left over soups to the mix. Quiche is a very hard dish to mess up, so don’t be afraid- have fun with it!

10.  For anyone who knows their way semi-well around a kitchen: make Crepes. You can find easy crepe recipes on line and the filling options are endless. An easy go-to filling is the strawberry jam that is already in your refrigerator. Crepes are tasty and a nice change of pace.

Eggs don’t have to be boring. Eat more of them and love doing so!



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