Avocado Cultivars

This is a brief list of the main avocado cultivars. Keep in mind new species are being bred for the sake of productivity so this list isn’t 100% complete, but it offers a good overview of the main “parent” cultivars. Anaheim Origin Otto Keup, Anaheim, 1910. Guatemalan. Tree columnar, productive. Fruit very large, to 24 oz., […]

How to Select and Store Avocados

How to select Avocados When you select avocados, you should make sure they are firm and slightly soft, with no cracks and sunken spots (they tend to oxidize, become dark, and possibly spoil the oil, and at the very least they alter its taste making it bitter). A sign of quality is the presence of […]

Health Benefits of Avocados

Avocados (or by their botanical name, Persea americana), are also known as palta or aguacate in Spanish speaking countries, and are affectionately called “alligator pear” due to their pear shape and bumpy skin. This fruit is native to Mexico, South and Central America, and belongs to the same plant family of Laurel (Lauraceae): it has […]

Avocado for Prostate Health

Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. Those are important when it comes to sustaining good health, but that is not enough. The body also needs good fats and ample carbohydrates for complete nutrition. Is there a fruit that could give you all essential nutrients like water, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals? […]

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