Two Effective Solutions to Get Rid of Swollen Lips

Swollen lips can be painful and embarrassing too. Things turn out to be worse, when your lips swell badly and turn out to be out of shape. Swelling lips are generally accompanied by light or heavy bleeding and small cuts. This also causes huge problems while eating, licking, sipping, drinking, talking or even opening your […]

Shaving – Ingrown Hair Prevention and Cure

Shaving Tips To Minimize the Risk Of Ingrown Hair Build up a tolerance for the razor by shaving in the direction of the hair growth. Use an unscented antibacterial shaving cream soap to clean the pores, soften the hair, and create a barrier between the razor and the skin. Don’t shave the same spot over […]

Type 2 Diabetes Epidemic

According to the latest diabetes statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 24 million people in the U.S. have diabetes, of which almost 6 million don’t know they are diabetic. In addition, at least 57 million Americans have prediabetes, a state with an increased risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. In 2007 […]

Gain weight using Mirena

Hi all, I had Mirena for almost 8 months and I gain weight around 10 extra pounds. I am going to talk with my gym and also I am thinking to use HerbaLife. Any advice. Good thing about Mirena is that stopped my heavy bleeding. Good luck to everybody. Hi, i had the mirena inserted […]

Cures For Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)

Bacterial vaginosis (BV) or less commonly vaginal bacteriosis is a disease of the vagina caused by bacteria. BV is caused by an imbalance of naturally occurring bacterial flora and is often confused with yeast infection (candidiasis), or infection with Trichomonas vaginalis (trichomoniasis), which are not caused by bacteria. Important Things That You Must Learn Most […]

Belly Burner tips + a workout

I was recently talking with a friend who is a fellow mommy about getting rid of that post-pregnancy  “pooch” that can stick around after having a baby so I figured I would write about it on here in case any other readers are in that same boat! So first, let’s talk quickly about the facts: […]

The Cure For Poison Ivy Blisters

What is Poison Ivy Plant? The poison ivy plant is the worst thing that you need to worry over when your kids are playing outdoors. This weed has a tendency to grow in wooded areas or even in your yard. Anyone who comes into contact with the urushiol oil within the plant will break out […]

Healthy Waffle Recipe

For Valentine’s Day yesterday, Henry and I made Ryan breakfast! Ryan loves waffles, so I pulled out our waffle iron and whipped up this healthy recipe! (Although Henry was more interested in chewing on his favorite “toy” than helping me bake…) But before we get to the waffles, let’s first take a minute to discuss […]

Acne Prevention Tips You Should Know About

If you have been battling acne for what seems like forever; it can be even more difficult to get rid of. Good results can come about, and sometimes without being too complex. After reading this commentary, you will hopefully have a better understanding of a few things that will aid you in the prevention of […]

Strep Throat Treatment

Strep throat is a troublesome but easily curable throat condition caused by streptococcal bacterial. Streptococcal infection may include group A strep infections and group B strep infections. Strep throat is a part of strep group A infections and causes certain specific symptoms. Antibiotics can be prescribed as a part of strep throat treatment. Before starting […]

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