Shaving – Ingrown Hair Prevention and Cure

Shaving Tips To Minimize the Risk Of Ingrown Hair

Build up a tolerance for the razor by shaving in the direction of the hair growth.

Use an unscented antibacterial shaving cream soap to clean the pores, soften the hair, and create a barrier between the razor and the skin.

Don’t shave the same spot over and over again as this increases the chances of irritation. Once a section of ingrown hair is shaved, move on.

Soak the blade in alcohol 15 to 20 minutes before each use to kill bacteria and eliminate oxidation.

Use a blade no more than three times.

When using an electric razor use a disinfectant clippercide spray to lubricate the blades and kill bacteria and oxidation.

Avoid rotary shavers which cut the beard hair at too many angles and directions thus aggravating the problem.

Do not stretch the skin taut to obtain a closer shave as it can cause “razor burns” and greatly increase the risk of ingrown hairs for those prone to them.

Avoid shaving powders and after shaves with a high alcohol or perfume content as they can dry out the skin or cause hyper-pigmentation of the lower face and neck.

For chronic trouble spots such as the neck try radically changing the shaving direction.

Before shaving, prepare the skin with a rich cream, gel or oil to avoid irritating the upper layers of the dermis.

Wipe freshly shaved skin with shave block, which stops any bleeding and disinfects and closes pores. Alternatively, mix a few drops of rubbing alcohol with baby oil and apply to the area to moisturize and fight infection.

Use shaving cream rather than gel or foam. Generous amounts of cream help the razor glide over the skin.

Shave while wet, either in the shower or right after. The steam will open up the pores make shaving easier minimizing the risk of hairs getting cut below the surface of the skin.

Never shave against the grain. Shaving in the direction of hair growth will be close enough to remove the layer of dead skin cells but not so close so as to cause irritation and ingrown hairs.

If you have a bump from an ingrown hair in pubic area, do not shave over it. This can break the skin and cause scarring.



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