Two Effective Solutions to Get Rid of Swollen Lips

Swollen lips can be painful and embarrassing too. Things turn out to be worse, when your lips swell badly and turn out to be out of shape. Swelling lips are generally accompanied by light or heavy bleeding and small cuts. This also causes huge problems while eating, licking, sipping, drinking, talking or even opening your mouth for anything. The swelling generally happens due to some kind of trauma along your lips’ soft issues. Extreme weather conditions, sudden dryness of lips, nutritional deficits, viral infections and even certain allergic reactions can be the major causes of swollen lips. Now, if you have swollen lips and if you want to get rid of it quick and easily, here are some effective solutions that can help. These solutions will treat your lip problem and help you enjoy perfectly luscious lips, right away.


Honey is a natural healing agent that will help you get rid of all the problems caused due to swollen lips. This is indeed one of the most viable solutions because of the anti bacterial properties. On top of that, it effectively and quickly treats the lips problem without giving you even a scope of complaint. Honey will also moisturize your lips, reduce scopes of inflammation and prevent infection. Moreover, all kinds of swelling and pain will also be reduced with a dash of honey.

In order to treat swollen lips with honey, dip a cotton ball with honey and apply it on the affected area. Make sure that the cotton ball is absolutely safe to use. Now, leave the area with the cotton ball for around 20 minutes. Right after 20 minutes are over, rinse your lips with chilled water. Repeat the procedure twice or thrice a day in order to get rid of all pain and issues caused by honey.

Turmeric powder

Turmeric powder comes with antiseptic as well as healing properties that are indeed very essential to treat swollen lips. The antiseptic properties in the powder will heal your lips and prevent further scopes of infection. You can also use herbal ointment made of turmeric. This will work amazingly to treat your ailment.

For the turmeric powder mixture, take a teaspoon of the powder, a teaspoon of fuller’s earth and proper amounts of cold water to make a paste. Make sure that the paste has proper constituency. Now, apply it on the swollen lips. Leave it for some time and allow the turmeric to dry. As soon as the turmeric is dry, remove the mixture with light, lukewarm water. Follow the procedure at least twice on a daily basis to get rid of swilling, irritation and redness of lips.

These were two viable and effective ways that’ll help you get rid of the swollen lips right away. However, apart from following the guidelines also control your diet, drink lots of water and avoid putting cosmetics. These guidelines have been well tested and they will surely help in treating and curing your lips from all issues without much hassle.


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