In the Doghouse: Gifts for Your Wife

This is the video everyone’s been sending Mack Daddy lately:

It’s pretty funny. My favorite part is at the end, where they’re all eating out of dog bowls and the guy says: “What is this? Cheese pie?” And the other guy says: “It’s quiche. Quiche and chai lattes. It’s what we have every night.” It’s important to bear in mind, I think, that this is an ad– albeit a very long, clever, well-crafted ad– and I hope to see more like this in the future– for jewellery.

So it has an axe to grind. And I’m not sure I agree with the premise: that the best present in the world to buy your wife or girlfriend is jewellery.

Yes, maybe– if you get it just right. But after so many years of attempting to buy “personal” gifts for Ms. Daddy, including jewellery (earrings, etc.) 90 percent of which have had to be returned (IF Mack hasn’t lost the receipt and/or the item was on sale) or (more often) exchanged (which is a pain if Ms. Daddy doesn’t really like anything in the store: then what do you do?), I’m starting to edge towards the conclusion that gifts of a personal nature– gifts that are personal accoutrements– are more likely than not to be a mistake.

I know for me: Unless I absolutely LOVE a shirt, shoes, watch, pair of glasses, hat, jacket, scarf, etc. it’s going to wind up in a drawer sooner or later. If I like it I might wear it a few times, but then inevitably it ends up in a bag marked “Goodwill.” And sometimes the reasons for loving these items are minute, and obscure. And even if I love them, times change. I might get Ms. Daddy a pair of earrings she loves one year, then a few years later they seem out of style.

And don’t let some smooth-talking salesman talk you into buying something because it’s a “timeless classic.” Everything changes, everything evolves. The double-breasted “timeless classic” tweed jacket with pockets Mack bought in the eighties for an exorbitant sum because I thought I could wear it the rest of my life would be impossibly cheesy now and is long, long gone. Mack gave it to a friend, who tried to continue to “rock” it into the nineties, and just looked horribly dated.

You know what’s a timeless classic? And yes, yes I confess! I bought Ms. Daddy one for a present, just a few months ago! A vacuum cleaner.

In fact, I’m not sure, but I think I may have bought her the exact same vacuum cleaner the guy in the video, whom everyone calls “Dual Bag,” bought his wife. It’s hard to tell in the video, but “Dual Bag” calls it “the best vacuum cleaner you’ll ever own, baby,” and I can only think he’s referring to a Dyson.

And I’m not in the pay of Dyson or in any way compensated for saying this, ladies and gentlemen: it’s awesome. It truly never loses suction, after years of vacuums that broke down after a year or a year and a half it’s clear this will last a lifetime (I think they even have a lifetime guarantee).

Luckily I didn’t give her this gift for our anniversary– but I think I might have given it to her for her birthday and actually scored brownie points, rather than the reverse. May I say that at $700 the Dyson is not an inexpensive gift?

And it’s a gem of a vacuum cleaner, folks! It’s brought us a lot of joy– and a clean house, since everyone, even the kids, want to vacuum with this thing.

And is there anything a woman loves more than a clean house? What’s a little bauble around the neck if your place is a pigsty?

Anyway, it’s obviously up for debate. But I showed the video to Ms. Daddy who shrugged and said: “I think a vacuum cleaner is a good present.”

(Meanwhile, I’m trying to find her a watch for Xmas, it’s a nightmare, her criteria are so specific and to try to get her to approve one “on the sly,” as it were, without her knowing, is almost impossible: we may have to undergo one of those depressing scanrios where she picks it out and I go pay for it, then under the tree a wry smile and a sarcastic “Thanks just what I wanted.”.)

So anyway, for what it’s worth, I share these thoughts with you so you don’t simply assume all woman and men share the POV of this You Tube video.

Or to put it another way: Don’t always believe everything you watch on You Tube.

Raccoon Removal

Did you search for chicken exterminators Oshkosh Neenah Appleton Fon Du Lac, bat exterminators Neenah Menasha Oshkosh Appleton or dog exterminators Oshkosh Neenah Appleton Fon Du Lac?

Most typical native wildlife nuisance species are frequently woodpeckers, opossums, raccoons, bats, moles, voles, deer, mice, subjects, coyotes, and squirrels.

Our primary objective when we are employed by the pest control consumer to resolve your Oshkosh Neenah Appleton Fon Du Lac wildlife control issues is to place an instantaneous conclusion to any pet harm to your loft, house or building and to trap, control and eliminate any issue bat, chicken, or dog in an ecologically appropriate, gentle way.

How We Solve Your Pain Wildlife Issues

How to get rid of raccoons? Here are some details for removal of raccoons. Many pest control companies do not have the experience in discovering the reason for animal control problem, bird or your nuisance bat. They see your house for the very first time and do not see the tell tale signs that people search for when we initially bring up.

We inspect all vents, around egress, ingress and all dormers of electrical wiring and all pipes, cables leading into your home. Sometimes a technician in another trade can causes by a poor installation a new wildlife problem. If your raccoon will get their fingers under a badly mounted port or eaves; they could get the roofing vent and either flex the vent or eliminate the vent and can produce a future nest or nest place for bats, chickens, raccoons, pigeons, subjects, mice opossums and so on.

These Four Wildlife Control steps result in a successful nuisance wildlife elimination program.

1. Properly determine the species triggering the problem. We look like bat guano bird droppings, animal feces, or animal urine for common signs, search for their animal or bat tracks, burrows, nest or food catches. We take a examine everything the animal shares around to assist correctly determine the problem animal

2. We change the environment, whenever possible shot to make the location less appealing to any bat, chicken or wildlife insects.

3. Use bird, a bat, animal control methods that are appropriate time of year, to your location, and other ecological conditions.

4. We keep track of the animal damage site for almost any re-invasion to identify if additional control is required. The most commonly used methods for managing nuisance wildlife around houses and gardens consist of toxic baits, habitat modification, repellents, exclusion, glue boards, barriers and scary. Wildlife control includes human dangers both to property and person through injury however likewise through illness.

Ethical Considerations In Nuisance Wildlife Management

There are numerous ethical considerations in nuisance wildlife management. Numerous policies exist in the United States worrying animal trapping consisting of trap check intervals, typically needing all traps be inspected a minimum of when throughout a 24 hour duration. Some governments allow moving of wildlife, nevertheless gentle considerations should be considered prior to moving wildlife, consisting of population and environment. Some species of wildlife can not be fairly moved due to excess of lack of availability of habitat and proper food or competing species.

Control throughout the spring months does run the danger of eliminating the young by hunger or in the summer season having a bat exclusion done on the house, fireplace, attic, or chimney throughout a bat maternity season and eliminating all the young not able to fly and leave a house like their moms can all year. Appropriate euthanasia of animals when required is likewise a questionable and delicate factor to consider requires certification and training in some locations of the United States and to be taken prior to participating in nuisance wildlife management.

Using Testosterone to Find Your Kid a Good School

Well, I promised as a New Year’s Resolution to make a sincere effort to find Nick, my oldest, age 11, the perfect Grade 7.

And so I am. I’ve been to five middle-school “Open Houses” so far and I’m on the slate to go to many more.

The “Open House” is an odd experience. Some are horribly attended, three or four parents who happened to wander in by accident. Others are packed to the rafters. You sit on a folding chair and the parents and kids just keep pouring in.

It’s all based on the rep of the school. And of course everyone wants the best for their kids. And they’re all about as smart, more or less, as you: as savvy, as wily, as interested, as competitive and as connected.

And they all want the same thing.

These are what I call “spermatazoan moments.” When we’re all after the same thing. You have to find a way to get an edge over everyone else.

It’s like when you’re looking at a house in the midst of a “seller’s market.” These types of “open houses” remind me of those type of open houses. You wander through the rooms of a very done-up house in a nice neighborhood with high ceilings and wood floors and you turn to your spouse and say: “Hmmm, me like, should we make an offer.”

But at that exact same moment literally dozens of other couples are in the same house at the same time, and you can hear them muttering and murmuring: “Hmmm…nice…me like…should we make an offer?”

You have to find a way to outsmart, beat the pack, get an edge, find the key.

Luckily I’m good at that. I can be extremely wily and devious and competitive and aggressive when I need to.

Thing is: so can everyone else. Each one of us is the product of a competitive sperm. Each one of us, if you think about it, is the product of a sperm that beat out 500,000,000 other contenders just to fertilize our egg.

All of us, just to be on this earth, had to be on the top of our game right from the gate.

Get this post for your kid’s healthy school year: Plan Ahead for a Healthy School Year

Finally Getting Off Our Butts and Going Somewhere

So we’re going to Mexico, for a friend’s wedding, without the kids. Or the dog. Or the snake. Or the cat. Or the rats.

For a wedding – but for my wife Pam and I it’ll be like a second honeymoon.

At, least, I’m hoping. I’m picturing From Here to Eternity-esque makeout sessions on a moonlit beach, the salty water washing over our bodies, but us not noticing, thanks to our rediscovered passion for one another, combined with a blood-margarita level of .50.

And, uh, moonlit strolls and…uh, stuff. Oh, shoot, I just remembered: Valentine’s Day is coming up. You single people think you got it rough? Valentine’s Day is a lot of pressure for us married dudes, too.

Because you can’t be too corny. Your wife knows you too well, and chocolates and little frilly things don’t cut it. You have to dig deep and come up with something that expresses the love that is now deeper, more shaded and realistic.

Oh, well, my problem.Though I would accept all gift suggestions: what do you get a woman you’ve been with 15 years?

(I already know the answer: diamonds. But anything that’s more, you’d know, less expensive?)

Anyway, my problem. Back to Mexico. Last time we went somewhere without the kids it didn’t work out too well.

But that was 9 years ago, and we only had one kid: Nick, then age 2.

The very most northernmost tip of Ireland. Another far-flung wedding. The plan was: do the wedding, then head down, Pam and I, just the two of us, for a week in Dublin, home of Bono and Ireland’s Capital of Fun!

Nick was with my mother, in Toronto. After we got back from the wedding, our first night in Dublin, the beginning of our first tete-a-tete time together since The Advent of Nick, Pam made the mistake of phoning home. She chatted with Mom a bit, then Mom put Nick on.

“MOM I MISS YOU,” he wailed, then basically had a nervous breakdown. Pam did too.

The next day she took a standby flight home. I stayed, out of stubbornness, an extra day and night in Dublin, but then that seemed dumb and I hopped on a standby too.

Of course, when Pam got home, Nick was fine. In fact, first thing he did was get mad at her about some trivial thing.

Not gonna happen this time, though. As soon as we get there, get unpacked in our little “palapa,” I’m going to confiscate her passport. If she wants it, well, let just say she’ll have to be pretty persuasive.

In the meantime, I’ll put on a little Barry White, mix up a couple of high-octane margaritas, slip into my sexiest huabanyero shirt, and become my alter ego, “The Doctor of Love.”

The doctor is in. The way I operate you won’t need no anaesthetic. With surgical skill, I will remove all doubt that you will soon be mine.

The Weird Things Inside a Mother’s Purse

About one year ago, I was asked to participate in a magazine article listing the contents of various women’s purses. I thought mine were a bit tame. Standard mom stuff: three mini packs of Kleenex, drawings my daughter had done, pens, crayons, Pepto Bismol tablets (they, of all things, help my panic attacks). Ray Bans were about as exciting as it got.

But not today: I have a molted snake skin in my purse. We were at the local non-CITES contravening exotic pet store planning my daughter’s B-day party. The owner gave us a tour of the facilities, and in his private collection room, he let us pet (pat?) some snakes. We also got to hold a wispy little dried-out skin that one had shed. It’s in my purse right now. I was going to give it back and he was like, “Nah, nah, you can keep it,” so it seemed impolite to not accept. He also gave us some live crickets and cricket food.

Finally, insects to put in the “bugged” bug observation house we got the Little Nutball for Christmas. It’s a spacious domed abode with a magnifying roof that you can observe your prisoners, er, I mean, guests through. The floor is a springy latex that contains a microphone. When you put on the included earphones, you can hear your pets climbing, chewing, rolling pieces of food around and so on. But not chirping, oddly enough. These guys aren’t saying nuthin’.

I think a generation ago, snake-skin toting and cricket wrangling was strictly dad’s work. Thanks to the feminist revolution of the 1970s, it now falls into mommy territory. Want to get a (bug) room of your own? Click on over to

Recipe Green Bean Fries

Never heard of green bean fries? Well they make a great accompaniment to any meal. Above I made a turkey burger with grilled onions (although I scarfed those down before everything else was finished), green bean fries, and a few cherry tomatoes. A filling, nutritious, and tasty meal.

I bought a large bag of fresh green beans and have made these green bean fries several times. They are amazing and satisfy that crunchy craving.

Take a handful or two of fresh green beans and put them in a ziplock bag. Pour a tablespoon or so of olive oil on them then a sprinkle of sea salt. Once they are coated completely spread them out on a cookie sheet. Bake at 400 degrees for 12 to 15 minutes for desired crispness. You want to watch them closely so they don’t burn.


Get ready for a new love for green beans.

Other Causes of Parkinsonism

Several drugs, several infections, and several poisons can cause parkinsonism. A few drugs used to treat blood pressure, vomiting, mental disorders and seizures can cause or worsen parkinsonism. If they are the cause of the problem, ending them will end the problem, although it may take weeks or months for the signs and symptoms to go away. If they are making Parkinson’s disease worse, they need to be stopped, but the disease won’t go away.

Many brain infections can leave a patient with parkinsonism. A brain infection is called encephalitis. Encephalitis is always serious but, fortunately, rare. The influenza epidemic during the early part of this century caused a number of cases of encephalitis and resulting parkinsonism. Poisons that can cause parkinsonism include manganese, carbon monoxide, carbon disulfide, the cycad nut, and the illicit drug MPTP (methyl-phenyl tetrahydropyridine). The latter two have interesting stories to tell. The cycad nut grows in the country of Guam, where natives often make a tea of it. Guam natives who drink the tea develop parkinsonism. The drug MPTP appeared on the street as a failed attempt to produce the drug known as “ecstasy.” The drug is now used in laboratories to cause parkinsonism in experimental animals.

There are also other diseases of the brain that combine parkinsonism with additional nerve disorders. Among these conditions are Wilson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, Shy-Drager syndrome, striatonigral degeneration, olivo-ponto-cerebellar degeneration, cortical-basal ganglionic degeneration, progressive supranuclear palsy, diffuse Lewy body disease, Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease and even Alzheimer’s disease. These numerous diseases give you an idea of how careful physicians must be to identify a patient’s exact condition. Note that Alzheimer’s patients can have movement problems just as Parkinson’s patients can have dementia. It’s a case of which is first and which is worse.

What Is Ephedra

Ephedra is natural source of alkaloids pseudoephedrine and ephedrine and is sold in health food source serves as dietary supplement. It became the most popular in the United States since it has been accepted by Food and Drug Administration as regulating asthma medication.

You may wonder how the fact that you buy Ephedra can make you happier? Let us find out how important this medicine is and how can it help us in our day by day life. Research has proven that numerous persons have already been helped by this medicine for centuries, particularly in Asian countries like China and India. Many of them have proven that it burns and loses fat more quickly than other drugs are able to.

Who Needs?

Everybody would desire to have a sexier and fitter body have already attempted to buy the Ephedra diet pills in order to lose weight and fats. This is another fat burner sometimes called mu huang and a legal medication for chronic bronchitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, attention deficit, and other condition. The good thing is it maintains the good condition of your diet. When you buy Ephedra for weight loss, you should also keep in mind that it is also concerned with treating colds and allergies. There are no such things as myocardial infarction, cerebrovascular or stroke events, seizure, or serious psychiatric events that occur in using this medicine according to RAND (Research And Development).

Ephedra is sometimes combined with ginseng and caffeine. They work by both uplift of fat and reducing appetite. Another connected compound is Phenypropanolamin often in combination with caffeine as a weight loss aid and it is sold over the counter. Take the proper dosage to refrain from few disorder/side effects. It offers variety of potential effects though particularly in our mind and body, thus generates a faster metabolism.

For Fast Slimmimg Results

The majority would not want living overweight. It is a scary thing and would lead us to serious risks such as diabetes, stroke, heart disease and several types of cancer thus the weight loss is a big help for us to bring forth the fit and lively lifestyle. In this sense, the best solution to fight against being overweight is to use Ephedra. The quick result and the best answer for the good and safety weight-loss.

Research has shown that Ephedra has been one of the most effective medicines for weight loss. Studies have shown that it is impossible to reduce weight without including healthy diet and regular exercise. Therefore, we should perform this dosage with proper diet and exercise.

About yoga health

Given the increasing number of people living with chronic stress and preventable chronic illness, the need for a comprehensive lifestyle modification program has never been greater. Classical Yoga provides the theory and practice. Properly designed and facilitated group Yoga therapy classes provide individuals with renewed optimism and initiate their personal inquiry into how they can support their own healing process. Following the path of Yoga allows one to achieve optimal physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being.

Yoga can be used as a complementary practice and not as a substitute for health care. Please communicate your intention to begin a yoga practice with your health care provider.

Some information about yoga here:

Yoga Flow: for beginning and intermediate students.   The class begins with yogic breathing and meditation. The student is then led through an asana flow which includes standing, balancing, sitting, spinal twists, supine, and prone poses. The class ends with deep therapeutic relaxation. Students who which to increase both strength and flexibility, and who are able to move fairly easily from one pose to another are encouraged to participate in this class. This class is not appropriate for students with chronic or acute injuries, heart disease,Scotoma, high blood pressure, cancer, serious health conditions, or are pregnant.

Therapeutic Yoga: This class utilizes a variety of yoga practices in order to maximize the therapeutic benefit. The Joint Freeing Series promotes healthy joints; pranayama practice promotes healthy breathing; and deep therapeutic relaxation exercise reduces the negative effects of life stress on the body, mind and emotions. This class is taught by a Registered Nurse and Yoga Therapist and will help those facing health challenges manage their condition, reduce symptoms, restore balance, increase vitality and improve attitude.

Garcinia Cambogia Side Effects: The Truth Behind the Supplement

What are the side effects of Garcinia Cambogia?

Numerous people or weight loss fighter start using it as first choice weight loss supplement because it is a natural extraction from a fruit in south Asia , an effective way to lose weight and also available in the market all over the world and with no proven side effects so far .

Yes, it may seem a little unrealistic indeed but Garcinia Cambogia haven’t shown any problems on healthy adults. So as I mentioned before it is a natural extraction from a fruit in south Asia and it’s been around for quite a while yet People who have used this supplement have reported no bad consequences so far.

If you are thinking of buying this product to quell your own weight gain and burn fat, here are the known side effects of this tropical fruit when it is consumed as a weight loss supplement:

1. First of all to be in the safe side, you should not take any diet or new health supplement without consulting your physician first. Especially when you have some health condition such as diabetes or any other chronic illness, and also women who are pregnant or breast feeding should avoid using any weight loss supplement. Minor people should avoid taking the Garcinia as well, at least until consulting a physician as it may show some unwanted results on them, because the dosages available in the market are targeting primarily adults who want to lose weight.

2. A benefit from the Garcinia Cambogia fruit may seem to you as a concern, but first you should know how this supplement work, this product is full of anti-oxidants that are useful in combating and burning fat and helps to curb your appetite, so as I’m saying it suppress your appetite which means that it will make you eat less between meals and make you eat just what your body need. It may seem beneficial and helpful for weight loss but maybe some people will considered it as a side effect.

3. A lot of people will seek fast results and think they are safe when hearing this supplement have no harming outcome, and maybe overdo it and take more than the recommended dosage or take more than one supplement without consultation. This may lead to complications and cause a laxative effect, dizziness or the feeling of being slightly nauseated, so be careful when using this weight loss supplement with other products.

In controlled experiments there have been no noted bad results, but if you are still worrying about it, it never hurts to consult your doctor and I’m sure he won’t deny an opportunity for his client to lose 10pound a month without going on a hard diet. After all the way people see weight loss as a long and painful experience will change with this new product not only you will lose unwanted weight and extras fat but also you won’t change your eating habits , and just exercising for the few hours your are comfortable with, you can achieve your wanted body. For more benefits visit the Garcinia Cambogia benefits page.

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